To Use Solflare

  1. First, we assume you already have Phantom downloaded in your browser extension. If not, please set up with Solflare (instructions).

  2. Click on "Solflare" as the option

  1. Click Approve and wait for signature from your wallet

  1. Choose a pool and select "deposit"

  1. Enter the appropriate amount you would like to deposit and approve the transaction

  • You will see sSOL or sLST-SOL in your wallet, please note that it is NOT transferrable and will be made redeemable/transferrable at a later Epoch noted in our release schedule.

  • As whitelisted individuals, you will be directly taken to staking page

  • If you are not invited, please wait for Epoch 1. We work closely with supporters and collaborators for Epoch 0 for security reasons.


  1. Withdrawal will be enabled by Epoch 3

  2. Genesis Epoch lasts for 24 hours and have a $20m cap

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