Multisigature Committees

The Solayer contract is inherently upgradable for several reasons. Firstly, stage 1 will be released in multiple phases, necessitating contract upgrades. Secondly, in emergencies, the core team must be able to swiftly implement proactive changes. Lastly, to ensure transparency and a community-first approach, the Solayer core team has decided to decentralize the development process. Hence, contract ownership is migrated to a multisig of known individuals within the Solana community.

Multisig Address: GcYvLKKEWpxQMqFe9HUcDJYMGvXt7kwf8gfBvjnW4wnm

Program: sSo1iU21jBrU9VaJ8PJib1MtorefUV4fzC9GURa2KNn

The upgradability of the Solayer contract is overseen by trusted community leaders. Initially, we have selected 3 out of the 5 multisig seat holders, with one seat occupied by the Solayer core team. To maintain our commitment to transparency and a community-first approach, we will gather community feedback to appoint 1 more community member to the governing seat. Candidates will be evaluated diligently following a public forum, and more information will be released soon.

This multisig controls protocol-code upgrades. To modify our program, the multisig must have a 3 out of 5 quorum signing to approve any upgrade. Solayer core team may conduct a forum to discuss potential increase or decrease of seat holders and quorum threshold. This is to ensure no one can act maliciously and can be immediately stopped by others.

Below are the first 3 community seat holders, out of 5 in total.

Joseph Lallouz (Bison Trail)

Michael Repetny (Marinade Finance)

Robert Chen (Osec)

Solayer Core Team (2 keys)

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