Epoch 1

Epoch 1 of the Solayer launch continued the momentum built during Epoch 0, opening the doors to a broader audience and increasing the opportunities for participation.

Started on May 27th, Epoch 1 had a total value locked (TVL) cap of $50 million. This stage saw a significant increase in total depositors, reaching over 9,000 from Epoch 0 to the end of Epoch1. As of 15.06.2024, there are about $50 million locked.

Unlike Epoch 0, there was no time limit imposed on Epoch 1, allowing participants ample time to engage with the restaking pool. However, native SOL deposits were prioritized to ensure the stability and growth of the platform. Withdrawals will be enabled starting at Epoch 3, providing participants with flexibility in managing their investments.

Participants who deposited 10 native SOL received a permanent referral link, granting them a significant advantage. Through this link, they could earn 10% of their referees' rewards, enhancing their potential earnings. It’s important to note that one-time use codes are disabled post Epoch 1, making the permanent referral link an exclusive benefit.

How to participate:

  1. Get an invite code

  2. Follow us on socials

  3. Enter invite code

  4. Restake

  5. Earn your permanent referral link by depositing 10 native SOL

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