Epoch 0

Genesis stage (Epoch 0) of Solayer launch is private, invite-only, and time-capped.

It is a 24-hour private access period, during which only members of the community who have received an invite code can participate in the restaking pool. This private access is restricted to whitelisted addresses that have been provided with a unique access code.

  1. We have allocated 100 private access codes to our earliest supporters.

  2. Once an address is invited, it will receive two additional invite codes to share.

  3. This program is limited to a 24-hour duration and with a maximum cap on of $20M deposit total value locked (TVL).

  4. Every invitee after accessing the platform will have 5 more invite codes to pass out.

How to participate?

  1. Get an invite code

  2. Access app.solayer.org

  3. Follow us on socials

  4. Enter invite code

  5. Restake

  6. Get your own invite code to invite 5 more friends

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