Episode 1: The Timebox Sanctuary

The Timebox Sanctuary blends shimmering brass with aged wood, creating an enchanting environment. Following the successful launch of the restaking epochs on May 16th, with $50M in restaked deposits across 2 epochs, Episode 1 focuses on rewarding the Solayer community throughout these restake epochs. Eligible members can stream, participate, and claim rewards. Episode 1 streaming is time-capped, starting on [redacted] and ending on July 4th, with 28,308 minutes remaining until its conclusion.

Prerequisites to Participate

Participation in Episode 1 is exclusive, requiring members to meet at least 3 of the following 6 criteria, ensuring a dedicated and engaged community:

  1. Got a permanent referral link

  2. Deposited in any of the LST pools

  3. Participated in Epoch 0

  4. Participated in at least 2 Epochs

  5. Referred users who have deposited

  6. Invited at least 3 people

Episode 1 Explainer

Episode 1 went live at app.solayer.org/valley on the July 2nd, alongside Epoch 3.

Episode 1 is where depositors claim their rewards in conjunction with restaking deposits. This includes:

  1. Percentile Rankings - percentile ranking shows where you stand based on your deposit amount, such as being in the top 10%.

  2. Numerical Ranks - numerical rank indicates your position among all unique deposit addresses.

  3. Extra Credits - extra credits provide boosts based on specific actions, such as Epoch 0 and Epoch 1 participation, as well as basic LST and native SOL boost.

  4. Referral Points - referral points are earned based on how many people joined using your referral link and their deposit amounts.

Episodes capture your contribution to the protocol alongside product milestones. Future Episodes will offer refreshed snapshots for further claims.

Concurrently, Epoch 3 is live for eligibility checks, and withdrawals will be enabled after EP 1 claims are completed to avoid accounting errors.

More information on withdrawals will be provided soon.

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